Half-Cut Solar Panels

  • Item NO. : ITSHC-540
  • Solar Cell : Monocrystalline
  • Number Of Cells : 144
  • Power Range : 540w
  • Size : 1134*2278mm
  • Module Efficiency : until 19.6%
  • Warranty : 30 years
  • Certificate : IEC 61215 / CE

Being the key component of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, solar panels absorb the Sun rays converting them into direct electric current.

The company proudly maintains its leading position amid rapidly developing and growing competition. Today, Ital Solar offers solar panels built in accordance with modern and innovative tech solutions. This not only results in significantly reduced energy costs but also contributes to reducing environmental pollution.

Trust Ital Solar to get the perfect combination of quality and price without any preconditions. Our goal is to show local consumers that European standards can be accessible for lower solar panel prices than the average market can offer.