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Solar Energy Consulting

Replacing electricity with solar energy is a highly responsible decision requiring professional support. 

Our employees have industry skills and qualifications based on European standards. This helps them assist each client in making a mutually beneficial decision toward solar.

As part of solar energy consultation, we constantly implement solar system monitoring, introduce to new clients the key provisions of the warranty program, explain payment terms, etc.

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Solar System Consulting

Solar consultations on the installation and maintenance of the station undergo the following stages.

  • The system installment. Our highly qualified specialists view the territory and implement invisible measurements
  • Calculating monthly electricity consumption. We present solar system financing options by summarizing the final figures with the amount of produced energy.
  • The final stage of solar system consulting. We plan the complete program and choose the panels and converters with other required equipment.

Ital Solar’s highly qualified specialist will answer all your questions and help you make the best decision.