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Solar System Maintenance

Ital Solar aims to promote the development of the renewable energy sector in Armenia. The local consumer is offered mutually beneficial conditions for solar system financing and a unique opportunity to reduce energy costs.

Along with the installation of solar panels, Ital Solar provides complete solar system maintenance services. As dusty and polluted panels have relatively lower productivity, we aim to ensure your investments meet the expectations.

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Արևային կայան տան համար

Solar System Cleaning

On-time cleaning services are the keys to the system’s long life. Although the panels are covered with durable glass, the surface of photovoltaic panels is susceptible to the effects of chemical abrasives. Therefore, it is essential to call for professional help regarding your solar station cleaning.

Taking advantage of our company’s solar station maintenance services, you will receive the following offers:

  • Disposable panel washing
  • Annual subscription for multiple panel washing
  • Constant monitoring to keep the system clean and in good operational conditions